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"The Mystery of Maud Mellish Wilson" - Mayo Clinic

Lecture Workshop with Nurses - Mayo Clinic 2007

Doctors & Nurses are saying:
“This course will change the way I live.”
“Outstanding…I am ecstatic that such talent and opportunity has come to our school.”
“You have enriched my medical training - an inspiration.”
“I gained a greater awareness of the subtleties at play in a doctor/patient relationship.”
“Your ideas and lectures have been real blessings for me.”
“You bring the humanism back into medicine.”
“I benefited greatly.”
“Very inspiring…you use your blessed gift to help people understand so much about others and life.”
“This course should be required for all medical students.”
“Megan Cole’s passion for literature is inspiring, and she is an invaluable asset to the UT medical community.”

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Megan Cole offers lectures, workshops, and customized programs for healthcare organi-zations on topics related to compassionate communication and end-of-life care.

Megan Cole LecturingPrevious academic and speaking venues include Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Columbia University Medical School, ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), APOS (American Psychosocial Oncological Society), and ACPE (Association of Clinical Pastoral Educators), among many others.

Megan ColeBoth as a public speaker and as a workshop presenter, Megan’s approach is to combine didactic content with performance illustration, in the belief is that the best learning occurs in the presence of engaged reason, of a balance between knowledge and intuition. All of Megan’s work, whether acting, teaching, or speaking, is based on this premise.

Here is a detailed list of previous lecture and workshop venues.

Course outlines for Balancing Engagement and Objectivity and Literature and Medicine.

“Megan’s course on communication skills and empathy was a smash hit.  Her intelligence, charm and humor endeared her to the students.  Her use of literary sources (poetry, drama, fiction) enriched her offering substantially."   Samuel Karff, Ph.D.
John P. McGovern, M.D. Center of Health, Humanities,
and the Human Spirit
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

“Thanks, Megan, for the work you are doing at UT-H.  Being able to make human connections and to mediate between two sometimes very different perspectives is one of the critical tasks of medicine, and I applaud your approach in this regard.”
  Dr. Paul Haidet
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center and
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston